Launch of The Amateur Athlete

This is the first post of The Amateur Athlete blog. This blog will feature topics of interest to amateur athletes. Most of the topics will be about improving performance, the holy grail of the sports world. Most topics will be about the sports I play and therefore know: hockey, tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball, and running. However, some topics, for example, mental training, will be applicable to amateur athletes of all sports. This blog will be of particular interest to amateur athletes who are also Edmonton Oilers fans, Liverpool F.C. fans, Toronto Blue Jays fans, and Detroit Pistons fans.

I am a 36-year old amateur athlete currently living in Seoul, Korea. I am also a referee, teacher, writer, editor, and father. I’ve captained 5-a-side soccer squads, and I hope to add coach to my list of roles. I currently play defense in ball hockey but I’ve played forward most of my life. And I’m a catcher in baseball, a goalkeeper in football (soccer), and a guard in basketball. I’m currently reading King of Russia: A Year in the Russian Super League, and Coaching the Mental Game, and am listening to The Bullpen Gospels, and will rate and comment on those books in this blog within the next month.


About The Canadian Wordsmith

I am an amateur athlete, writer and editor currently living and working in Seoul, Korea. View all posts by The Canadian Wordsmith

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